Get Connected..............a connecting church

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A Word About Us

If MBC was described by one word, it would be “Family”

A warm, welcoming, happy family

A place where you feel welcomed - where you feel connected –

where you feel like family

A happy place - A growing family -

belonging to something bigger than us

People at different places but all on a spiritual journey together

A place where you can come as you are, meet and greet folks and enjoy “simply the best music” uplifting contemporary music with instruments, visual screens and joyful expression

You’ll love the messages where you will hear the Bible come alive and a message encouraging you in your personal relationship with God - then get connected in fellowship with sweets at the Coffee Spot

Here at MBC we are a forever family from various backgrounds including geographical, sociological and denominational joined together in the Love of God, the grace of Jesus Christ and the guiding of the Holy Spirit

Our Mission at MBC is to Love God, To Love One Another, and to Love the Community

Pastor David R Johnson