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Minden Bible Church Notices


Pastor Doug, here at Minden Bible Church is now taking us through The Bible, week by week, using the book "The Story", by Max Lucado & Randy Frazee, who put "the story" in chronological order and supply explanation of  both context and background. This will include Bible Studies to delve deeper into the Word, throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring months. Come join us for this fascinating series.

On Monday Evenings, at 7:00 pm we will have our Bible Study based on the book, The Story, which is the basis of our sermons for the better part of this year.

Please note; Pastor Doug will be leaving his sermons based on "The Story" during Lent, until Easter Sunday. Bible studies on The Story will continue until we are caught up.

The Ladies Bible Study on the story of Ruth has finished.

Keep your eyes open for another study in the New Year


We are happy to announce that Wendy Ogilvie has agreed to become MBC's Administrative Assistant. Among other duties, Wendy will be our Coordinator of Communications.

If you have any church related information you wish     communicated, please contact Wendy.(Contact # is 705-455-7967)


MBC's Min/Man Team will have their monthly meeting the second Tuesday of every month with the exception of this February.

March's meeting will be held on March 28th


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