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Minden Bible Church Notices

For the month of August Minden Bible Church will be collecting a Love Offering to go directly to the Emmaus Seminary in Haitii for the beginning of their school year.


Pastor Doug, here at Minden Bible Church is now taking us through The Bible, week by week, using the book "The Story", by Max Lucado & Randy Frazee, who put "the story" in chronological order and supply explanation of  both context and background. This will include Bible Studies to delve deeper into the Word, throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring months. Come join us for this fascinating series. 

Note. We will leave the series of "THE STORY" for the summer months.


For MBC news, events or general information or communications, please contact Wendy Ogilvie, MBC's Administrative Assistant. at 705-455-7967


MBC's Min/Man Team will have their monthly meeting the second Tuesday of every month.


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